As in 2012 the FAI F3F World Championship 2018 will be broadcasted via livestream. With the professional support and help from the team of “Chemnitz Fernsehen”, a local saxon TV-station, we are able to present a better program and signal quality then ever before. The continuous livestream will be augmented with the according data, like pilot name and nation, best times and the live-timing of the run that takes place. All these will also be calculated in our new F3F-timing-system, that every pilot, helper or team manager can access via tablet-pc or smartphone on the slope. The measured flight will then be synchronized momentarily with F3XVAULT when it is finished. The livestream will be viewable not only on the competition website, but also on various streaming-portals.

To put the “dot” on the “i”, we managed to acquire Mr. John Treble to host the event in his excellent English with Franz Demmler as co-host. Beside the livestreaming of the event itself, there will be “John´s Worlds-Studio” as an additional program every evening to broadcast interviews of the pilots and helpers as well es comments on the events of the day.
Stay tuned!