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Dear aeromodelling-pilots from around the world, dear guests!

I welcome you to the Aeromodelling World Championships for RC gliders on the beautiful island of Rügen in the Vorpommern-Rügen district. Together with you we look forward to an event which will not only provide excellent sport. This World-Championship will also be a cultural highlight of the year for all participants, guests and communities involved.

As the district administrator, I am also very proud of the extensive local network of public authorities, communities, property owners, restaurateurs, through to farmers and landowners, that made hosting such an international event possible. This testifies to the hospitality and efficiency of our district.

And please use your free time to explore the natural treasures and architectural gems of the island – one of the finest in the Baltic region.

I am pleased to assume patronage of this World Championship. I wish all the participants sporting success, and the German Aero Club the necessary organiser’s luck!

Ralf Drescher  /  District Administrator


Invitation to tender

The Bulletin 1 has been approved by the FAI and is now available for download.

All you need to know about the competition is written down in the Bulletin 1.

The second edition: Welcome again at Rügen!

The German Aero Club (DAeC) invites all active or associated members of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) to participate in the 2018 FAI F3F World Championship for Model Gliders.

Again, after 2012 the first FAI World Championship for our class F3F was hosted on the beautiful island of Rügen,  we have the chance to meet each other and compete for the title of World Champions and the most extraordinary “Kap Arkona” trophy on the tough slopes facing the Baltic Sea.

Please read the Bulletin 0 about all the details you will need to be a part of this event. All necessary and important information, as well as all following Bulletins, will be posted on this site.