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FRITZI says: The curtain has dropped. See you in France 2020! oder “Und so stehen wir betroffen / Den Vorhang zu, und alle Fragen offen”

Last view on the South-East Slope in Vitt during the competition!

And thank you for the flowers…….:




The results should encourage upcoming Worldchampionship organizers!

Viewers all over the world

Minutes seen


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Now that the World Championship is over, we would like to thank ALL participants for their magnificient work. Everything went down very fair and we are very happy with the results and the feedback we got from the guests and from all over the world.

Thank you for support and see you on the slope!
Erik Schufmann
organizing director

The pilots and helpers in all their glory.

Individual Senior World Champion: Philipp Stary (AUT)

Team World Champion: Austria

Junior Individual World Champion: Antek Kania (POL)

in absence: Stephan Herrig, Uli Helfrich, Frank Laufer, Tomas Winkler (behind the camera), Mike Müller

Livestream News

Prizegiving Ceremony 6.p.m. live! from the Seabridge Sellin. The ship with all competitors arrive around 5:30 p.m.

The current livestram is online with this link:


Here you can find the website of the F3F timing system: wc2018f3f.skd-dresden.de
(the website is only active, when the timing system is running on the slope!)
In the evening and during the day we are constantly updating the F3XVAULT for you to analyze.

(please click on the picture to access the live-data from the slope)


26.09.2018 F3F WC Trophies are complete now!

22.09.2018 New Livestream Informations

14.09.2018 BULLETIN 2 is published now!

04.09.2018  GERMAN OPEN Pilots list is published here

Welcome teams from all over the World!

Now that the registrations have been recieved, we welcome all pilots, team managers and helpers from the competing countries.
We do our best, to make your stay on Rügen as memorable as possible. Stay tuned for more infos and updates!

You can find more infos about the teams on the teams-subpage


The second edition: Welcome again at Rügen!

The German Aero Club (DAeC) invites all active or associated members of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) to participate in the 2018 FAI F3F World Championship for Model Gliders.

Again, after 2012 the first FAI World Championship for our class F3F was hosted on the beautiful island of Rügen,  we have the chance to meet each other and compete for the title of World Champions and the most extraordinary “Kap Arkona” trophy on the tough slopes facing the Baltic Sea.

Please read the Bulletin 0 about all the details you will need to be a part of this event. All necessary and important information, as well as all following Bulletins, will be posted on this site.